we offer



-Reclaimed Timbers of most dimensions cut to size and finished in a number of ways:

  • Surface Four Sides (S4S)
  • Wire Brushed
  • Sanded
  • Sandblasted
  • Resawn
  • Old Patina

-Reclaimed Lumber including 1 and 2 inch thick rough cut lumber, resawn shelf stock, shiplap, rough cut beams, vintage flooring, milled wall cladding and Live Edge Slab.


-Reclaimed Flooring can be custom cut but is provided raw & unfinished. Standard lengths range from 2’ – 10’, widths are typically 2” – 8” (though we can acquire and S4S up to 15” planks) and standard thickness is 3/4”, but can be provided at smaller or larger dimensions (ranging from 1/2” to 1-1/2”).


-Reclaimed Siding can be supplied in various sizes and patina colors. Orders can be cut to order. 

  • Barns
  • Mills
  • Residential Homes
  • Stables
  • Corrals
  • Factories
  • Commercial Structures – general age of structures is between 50 – 150 years old.
    • Oak
    • Beech
    • Elm
    • Maple
    • Ash Hickory
    • Pine
    • Fir and others

– All grain types and grades may be present.


Reclaimed wood will contain unlimited knots, some with be sound others will have fallen out. Some surface checking and cracking may be present. Holes from where nails or other fasteners were removed will be present in most boards. 


Reclaimed wood has been air dried over the years, it is generally between 5 – 18% moisture content. Kiln drying is available for reduced amounts, recommended for all flooring material.